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Soft Skills Training

Praxis Quest conducts programmes to empower personnel with the soft skills essential for optimum professional output.

All methodologies i.e. doing, seeing, listening, and reading are used for delivery as per 70:20:10 rule to achieve sustainable learning .

Reading material is handed over to provide background awareness and for reference, visuals with interactions are used for engagement while simulations are utilised for experiential learning.

Following Soft Skills programmes that we consider essential for employee empowerment are offered.

          1. Business Etiquettes

2. Time Management

3. Presentation Skill

4. Feed back skill

5. Employee Engagement

6. Talent Development

Programmes are delivered on site and also conducted offsite.

Programmes are customised for client organisation to align with the business objectives and environment.

Programmes are conducted by facilitators having substantial experience in utilising the skills.

Duration for each programme is about 8 hours.